kanion ranked 11th in the top 100 list of chinese traditional medicine enterprises

from august 25 to 28, the 2020 national pharmacy week and china’s top 100 pharmaceutical industry annual meeting were held in kunming city. with the theme of “opening the “1”era- innovation and return”, the conference aims to focus on development, reform and future thinking of the pharmaceutical industry in the new ear and new situation, so as to provide advice for the healthy development of the industry.

during the conference, the award ceremony of “top 100 list of china’s pharmaceutical industry in 2019” was held, and the top 5 sub-lists and 260 selected companies were solemnly released. with its solid r&d and production strength and stable market promotion capabilities, kanion is in the forefront of “top 100 list of chinese traditional medicine enterprises in 2019”!

in additional to being on the list of “top 100 chinese traditional medicine enterprises ” again this time, kanion was also awarded the “outstanding contribution enterprise for joint prevention and control of china’s pharmaceutical covid-19 epidemic” for its great performance against the covid-19 epidemic.

it’s understood that the list of china’s top 100 pharmaceutical industries has been one of the most concerned and authoritative pharmaceutical lists in china for more than ten consecutive years since its established in 2006, this annual selection focuses on the innovation driving force and professional promotion power of pharmaceutical industry enterprise. the innovation driving force is mainly judged from the comprehensive r&d indications of enterprise r&d investment, while the professional promotion force is rigidly defined according to the terminal quantitative data determined by the final selection needs of clinicians and patients, and finally carry out a quantitative analysis based on the terminal data of the three terminals and six major markets terminal data of mi nei network.

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